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It's no wonder that liftgates see their fair share of wear and tear over time. With their ability to bypass the need for a loading dock and forklift, liftgates are versatile and incredibly useful. For such a hardworking piece of equipment, it's essential to bring in your truck for our team to service and repair your liftgate as needed. Since we also sell and install liftgates manufactured by some of the biggest names in the industry, you can always rest assured of what we do. We guarantee our work and have warranties for all new liftgate installations.


As a distributor for many brands of lift gates and armed with our knowledge and experience in the industry, we can help you choose the best design for your lift gate attachment. We'll be sure to assist you in finding something that will work well with your vehicle while also being the most economical for you. You have plenty of options - we sell 500 to 7000-pound capacity lift gates for your truck body or trailer application and have your choice in different colors and types.


So whether you're looking for Maxon, Tommy Gate, Thieman, Waltco, or any others, contact Best Truck Body & Trailer Repair today in Windsor, CA, for a free quote or design assistance.

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